This is maybe a sudden desicion.We are Seeking the Cooperator and Investor , for BABIWA.COM now.

Since 2002,The website went on 2-3 domain names changes and finally come to BABIWA.COM in March 2004. BABIWA.COM has been the Professional internet Supplier of Multi-Function Patch for Electronics, Especially Full Series of Multi Sim Card Adapters For Mobile devices(Only 1 Durable and Devoted internet Supplier of Multi Simcard Adapters from 2003 to 2013) , and No-Doubt the Leading supplier for Extenders Linkers of Simcard &Memory Card &USB (Featured Do-On-Your-Design Service from 2005 ) .The Clients have been from worldwide area .

During past 11 years,we never use any SEO strategy or any other advertising methods just to improve search engines ranking or site traffic as other business sites have been doing,our steady growth only rely on our devoted efforts to products and service only.

This is the first time for us to make this decision to seek the cooperator or investor,also will be the last time of this kind of chance.

And please notice We could accept only one investor or cooperator.and only accept Highest bidder within limited time.

if you have interest to be part of BABIWA.COM ,welcome to contact us by email asap for more details.


Yi Shan
CEO of Babiwa.com