Gu Su Xin Chen Electronic Corp Ltd

Our Physical Address:
27-503,Run Da Building ,
New Industry and Tech Zone
Road.Nan Huan Xi Lu
Su Zhou,China
Sales Manager: Mrs Qing Yan,Lu

Established in 2002, we have been the professional supplier and manufacturer Specified in Simcard and Memorycard Related Products(Parts,Replacements,Accessories,Gadgets,Toys) . We are proud to be the Leading Manufacturer of Linker Extender for Simcard Memorycard (We Do on Your Demand) and Multi Simcard Adapter for Universal Mobilephone.

We build a wholesome production management and quality control system. Own Advanced developing group, high quality engineers, efficient production flow and excellent testing machines. We can meet kinds of needs from clients ,include OEM service.

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we have been doing our best to serve our clients based on honesty and Trustworthiness .Sincerely welcome both new and existing customers to take a look at our current lineup and hope that you will choose our competitively priced quality products. Please feel free to send us your inquiries and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.