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What is Multi(Dual Triple) Simcard Adapter?

Multi(dual triple etc)Simcard Adapter is an interesting and cute device which could be installed and foldable in Universal mobile phones,this adapter connects to an existing phone's simcard slot(tray) and also allows phone user to insert additional simcards,in that case you could easily choose different simcards from your mobile phone(originally it's only one simcard allowed).

Usage and examples:

1. On your trips,You wanna use One Local simcards(or any pre-paid simcards) to save cost and remain your original simcard in the phone.

2. You wanna have a business number and a private personal number .

3. You wanna use one simcard mainly for regular calls or sms etc, but need another simcard mainly for accessing internet.

4. You wanna save money by combining two or three different plans or network carriers.

5. Protect your different SIM cards against loss and damage. Now You don't have the trouble to open phone case(sim tray) even remove battery to change different simcards as before,just installed different simcards into your phone using the multi simcard adapter.

Genuine BABIWA© Multi Simcard Adapter ,The world only professional multi sim manufacturer and supplier since 2002.accept OEM and ODM customized orders.

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How to SPOT Fake and Copy Multi Sim Card Adapter from The Genuine Q Series and Magicsim Series Dual Sim Card Adapter.

Since 2005, The market has been glutted with huge amount of Fake or Inferior Copy version of Multi Sim Card Adapter products ,Some marked as Babiwa Q Series or Magicsim Logo,Some also marked as OEM version without trademark.

We have been providing Genuine Babiwa Q-Series and Magicsim-Series Dual Sim Card Adapter Since 2003,The most durable and devoted Manufacturer and Supplier of Dual Sim card adpaters through out the whole market.

The Following listing is some guides from Tech Support Department of Gu Su Xin Chen Electronic Ltd Regarding How to SPOT the huge mass of Fake(Copy) Q or Magicsim Series Dual Sim Card Adapter from the Genuine Version.

Any Contenet Copy without Permission IS NOT ALLOWED.Thanks.

(1) Genuine Version: The Connection Cable ( Flexible Printed Circuit FPC )Made of High-Quality Flexible Material ,Durability and Flexibility After Test.

(2) We are using the Newest IC Which is quite thinner than the fake version or old version's IC ,to make the adapter more fit and seamless for your phone !

Genuine QYG Dual Sim Adapter Holder for Samsung Galaxy S3 SIII I9300

(3) The Fake or Copy usually use Cheap FPC Material,Thicker ,Harder to The Touch than Genuine Version,Easy to be Hurted and Broken after Repeated Twistting Causing the Non-Recognizability of your simcards.

(4) The IC (Integrated Chip) of Genuine Product will use Updated High-Quality IC with Exquisite Design and Embedded Program,Also With More Pins.The Fake or Copy usually use the Outdated Cheap IC to Save Cost Which easily brings the incompatibility problems when dealing with massive data transmission especially working with 3G(WCDMA UMTS) simcards. To improve the stability of dual sim,Some Copy version could be found adding a resistor or capacitor etc beside the chip,but of course the result is still not Good.

(5) The Poor Workmanship and inferior Design of Fake or Copy Could be Easily Spotted from Genuine Version.

(6) Genuine BABIWA Multi Simcard Adapter series products' packing and manual ,as the pic above .

How to Spot Fake Copy Counterfeit Dual Sim Card Adapter from Genuine Version.From Gu Su Xin Chen Electronic

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