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2phone dual sim dual standby for iphone 4

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Seriously Promise the Patented Manufacturer, High Quality Guarantee ! CE,FCC,RoHS approved !

The Newest Technology Accessory for Apple iphone 4 and Iphone 4s,Let your Apple Iphone 4(4s) have TWO call numbers both online , TWO SIM CARDS on your iPhone 4(4s) to make and receive calls or sms simultaneously without changing sim card or network. Dual Sim Dual Standby(GSM +3G-WCDMA) ! This is true !with Built-in 800mAh Battery as power extender for your original iPhone 4(4s).and Protective case(Bumper)to prevent scratchs .

brief instruction


The Genuine Manufacturer Supplier ,Quality Guarantee.

The Only and the No.1 Place to supply dual sim adapter series product since 2002 !

Newest Factory Sample and Patiented Product.

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This New Magic Accessory is called 2-P-H-O-N-E ,it's a ultra thin-desighing case without screen,with its own can insert a normal size GSM Sim Card into it .This 2phone case could be easily compatible with your iphone 4(4s),after easy installation,You will find two call numbers both online at the same time.Dual SIM Dual Standy(GSM and 3G-WCDMA)with full function.

it's important to note the battery inside the 2phone case will only only power the second sim card and can also recharge your original iPhone's battery when it gets low.

And we have to emphasize The 2phone will work on Jailbroken Apple iphone 4(4s)-it's very easy to get your iphone 4 jailbroken with very easy instruction nowsdays.

Front side of 2phone(support apple iphone 4 get 2 numbers both online)

Back side of 2phone(support apple iphone 4 get 2 numbers both online)

Product details

Why you need this 2PHONE :
1. You get another private GSM call number now ! Get two call numebrs both online (GSM + 3G-WCDMA),don't need to carry two phones .when 2Phone Gets the second Universal GSM Sim card inserted and installed,it becomes a GSM Mobile phone perfectly compatible with your iphone 4(sharing the iPhone 4(4s) screen mic speaker,keyboard etc.)

2.You can enjoy the different pricing plans for calls and text messages targeted in certain areas as well as mobile data usage. for example,when you are traveling to another state or country...

3.if your iphone 4(4s) is still locked(limited to certain mobile service provider),now you can use the universal gsm sim card from any mobile service provider through our 2phone.

4. The 2phone case includes the Built-in 800mAh Battery and doesn't use any power from your original iphone battery. This battery is not only used to power the second gsm phone ,it could also be used as a power extender for your original iPhone Battery when it runs low.

when the 2phone inside battery is lost in case,you can just order a common Samsung E398 model battery as alternative.

5.The Ultra Thin designing 2phone case will also protect your iphone 4(4s) to prevent any scratchs.

dual sim dual standby


Compatible Phone:

Apple iPhone 4(4s)

Support Mobile Network:

the 2PHONE support Universal GSM mobile phone network(900\1800Hz;850\1900Hz),Let your iphone 4 Get Dual SIM and Dual Standy: GSM with original 3G(WCDMA)

2PHONE Battery: Lithium ion 3.7V / 800mAh

Input\Ouput: 5V / 500mA

Talking time: 500min; Standby: 288h

Dimension: 126mm(L) * 61.8mm(W) * 16.3mm(Thick)

Weight: Approx. 59g

Language Compatible :English ,German, Chinese(Simplified and Traditional)

Gift box package size: 176x110x25mm

CTN Size: 68*38*27cm

Package Content :
1 x main 2phone case
1 x Micro USB cableline
1 x Manual included
1 x protective case(Bumper)

function of 2phone with iphone 4

dual sim online for 2phone with iphone 4

power extender for iphone 4

Left side of 2phone(support apple iphone 4 get 2 numbers both online)

setup and installtion

Very easy to operate even for first user.and detailed manual included in the package.

Insert the SIM card to card slot of 2phone, then put the battery inside .

Then Placing iPhone 4(4s) into 2phone (better with a 15° degree to prevent possible scratching)
Then install the bumper from top to bottom

We also have detailed manual for this product,if you need to get more information,welcome to contact us to request.we will send by email.
install of 2phone
start the phone after intall

Instruction 1 of 2phone(support apple iphone 4 get 2 numbers both online)

Instruction 2 of 2phone(support apple iphone 4 get 2 numbers both online)

Instruction 3 of 2phone(support apple iphone 4 get 2 numbers both online)
FAQ(for advanced instruction):

The 2phone will work on Jailbroken Apple iphone 4(4s)-it's very easy to get your iphone 4(4s) jailbroken with very easy instruction nowsdays.

(for advanced instruction)
when 2Phone(second gsm phone) software system halted or can not exit the software, click the "Resume 2Phone" button, re-click 2Phone software can use normaly .

Update 2Phone(second gsm phone) software, message content can not be retained temporarily.

When you need to 30pin connector connect to iPhone4 external devices (such as audio, FM transmitter, etc.), need to click "resume 2Phone" button, then the device can use normaly .

2Phone(second gsm phone) currently don't support MMS, SMS is received messy code.

2Phone(second gsm phone) don't support Bluetooth

When you power on iphone 4(4s) , you must click 2phone icon and enter into, then you can use our 2phone.

After tones setting, please do not go back by pressing "HOME", otherwise tones setting failed and tone was still ringing. To operating it right, save the tone you choosed before go back by "setting".

accessory included

accessory included

accessory included

Patent License

patent license for 2phone

Quality Service Warant

usually we provide six months quality warranty for all of products .if you have any problem or concern about our products,please don't hesitate to let us know. and after six months,we will be glad to provide any possible customer support yet ! we believe all of our customers are the respectable friends ! it's our responsibity to provide any possible help to all customers,no matter you are new or stable ,no matter your order is less or more. Guaranteed Seriously the Best Quality and Most Compatible over the Whole market.

language support

how to order and pay

For bulk order,please contact us to request Quotation.

For Little amount order as Samples,Direct order from our online shop,all price including shipping cost and 1 work day dispatch upon your payment is received,you will receive the tracking number the same day when it's on the way.

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packing of 2phone

shipping instruction

we stick to very marginal profits on every listing and exact shipping cost. if you have any further advice regarding our products or shipping cost,please also don't hesitate to let us know,your message is always welcome.

of course, you could order more amount for combined shipping to save your cost.

By default,We would Mail Your Package through Registered Airmail Through post office to Worldwide Area with Tracking number. or by fast express courier for bulk order upon your request.please let us know your option .

registered mail receipts sample of us
registered express courier  receipts sample of us

about us

We are from Gu Su Xin Chen Elec Co. Ltd. Since 2002,Bulk Supply Mini and Portable Electronics Gadgets Toys and especially Dual Sim Accessory Series for Mobile phones based on Quality and lowest wholesale price .
We value every customer.Sincerely Look forward to Set up long time cooperation with you from this good beginning.

Gu Su Xin Chen Elec Ltd authorized business license

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if you get any problem about products ,price ,amount ,shipping fee etc,please don't hesitate to Let us know.

if you get any problem regarding price and amount ,shipping fee etc,please don't hesitate to contact us by our Secure Contact Form

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Gu Su Xin Chen Elec Ltd.

more notice

We have been the manufacturer and Designer of Universal Dual Sim Card Adapter and Unlock Card(including newest Iphone 3G series and general mobile phones since 2002.We sincerely believe our products have been the leader tech based on lowest wholesale price and serious customer support.

Regarding the Apple Iphone 4 Accessory
2phone is the Supplementary Accessory which could be compatible with iphone 4 to improve original function.this accessory itself is Not iphone 4 or iphone-shaped phone,and don't contains the design or tech concerning Apple's Property Rights.We have applied for the PATENT RIGHTS officially FOR this function and if you get any problem related to Any concern related to Patent rights,please don't hesitate to contact us,we will be glad to
accept your advice if necessary.thanks.

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