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brief instruction

Featured Service Code: XD OEM

Wholesale XD Picture Card Series Memory Card, Full Capacity(not fake capacity) and Full Transfer Speed.

Quality Guarantee. Capacity Optional

OEM Customized Service Provided upon your individual request(Do it for yourself):
--Customized Branding(Printing your own logo on the card) and Packing upon your request.

Normal Minimum Amount Request: 200 pieces (the minimum amount could be less upon negociation)

How to place bulkorder now including customized bulkorder

Wholesale XD Picture Card Series Memory Card ,OEM Customized ,Full Capacity and Fast Data Transfer Speed ,Reliable Wholesale Bulkorder Supplier

Product appearance, software offerings, and packaging may vary from the listing samples pic depending on different order batch,available inventory.

little tips about fake capacity and poor quality memory cards

The poor quality or so-called updated flash memory cards have now been overloaded throughout the whole marketplace, When you surf around,you could easily find Numerous suppliers offering the memory cards with even astonishing cheaper price. We do know many customers have been plagued by an abundance of these memory cards for long.

(1) About Updated Cards: Fake Capacity and Reprogrammed Chip Controller:

It's Usually Not the Advertised Capacity Amount.When You insert this fake one (eg 8g mirco sd card) into device or reader,your system maybe acknowledges it's 8GB could Even transfer 8g files onto it, but most of the files on it could be found corrupted !

E.G. The fact is this card is only 1G-2G capacity ,but the chip's controller has been reprogrammed to look as 8G 16G 32G etc.
Wholesale XD Picture Card Series Memory Card ,OEM Customized ,Full Capacity and Fast Data Transfer Speed ,Reliable Wholesale Bulkorder Supplier

(2) Flash Memory Cards of Inferior quality IC inside:
This kind of Card consists of Inferior quality Flash and unrecognizable controller Inside.
These fake memory cards  
could be prone to errors in any time later.You don't get any Warranty,when your card fails,you usually get no luck.

There have been several customers find some of the cheap cards also pass the capacity/speed test, then You are lucky.But You have to pay attention,these cards made with poor quality IC Controller/flash inside,it's very likely somedays you would find all your precious Data(photos/videos/files etc)have been lost without reason and it's very hard to recover(even with the help of some recovery tool).

full capacity and speed guaratee

We have been the flash memory cards bulkorder Supplier to worldwide area since 2003 based on good feedbacks,Your Inquiries are sincerely welcomed.

We are offering The ONLY Full Capacity and Full Transfer Speed MemoryCards based on Quality Guarantee.

how to order and pay

Click here to place Bulk order ( Bulk order instruction )
Instant bulk order from Gu Su Xin Chen Electronic Supplier Since 2003

Bulk order instruction -Gu Su Xin Chen Electronic Ltd Since 2003

How to order customized and personalized Memory Cards

( Step 1 ) Please Place the Bulkorder of Memory Cards from our online shop's Bulk Order(Wholesale Order) area at first .

--after you have placed the bulkorder ,you could login into your member area to check your bulk order's processing status at any time.

--The Price listed here e.g. $1 is not the exact bulkorder price,please check the exact price from our final confirmation email after our negociation.

( Step 2 ) --When you have placed the bulkorder , please contact us with your detailed and customized request ,our design department will contact you for further negociation regarding design and cost ,manufacturing,shipping etc.

-- Click here to contact us with your personalized request after the order.

(Step 3 ) --After the negociation between us,we will send you the final confirmation via Email

--The Final Confirmation Email includes Exact Quotation for your order based on exact cost, ordering amount,your location and package's weight and size, Detailed Payment Instruction and Shipping Method also included.

( Step 4 ) Please process the payment as soon as possible to prevent any delay .

We will begin to prepare your bulkorder package from the plant the same day when your payment has been received.

( Step 5 ). We will dispatch your package within promised days(usually 1-3 work days,any possible delay will be notified to you in advance) .

-- We will update client's BulkOrder's processing status including package's mailing information in time. Our clients could login into your member area to check your order's processing status at any time.

Additional Notice:

1.Bulkorder Quotation is Quite Different from the Sample Retail Price listed at our online store. Also Bulkorder has minimum amount request.

2.We have been Serious wholesale supplier since 2003, and have been Treating Every Orders Carefully ,your bulkorders usually being prepared within 2-3 work day when your order is confirmed and payment is received.

Any Incautious and ill-intentioned bulkorders without answer or payment after our confirmation could be Cancelled and Rejected for Further Orders. Please contact us if you get any problem to complete your bulkorder after it's confirmed.thanks.

3.Welcome to leave feedbacks related to your bulk Order Experience from our Public Feedback Forum.


Available Capacity:128MB to 2GB Optional
Dimension: 20mm x 25mm x 1.78mm
Weight: approx. 2g;
Usage: For digital cameras, voice recorders

Fast data transfer
Support Panorama function
Low power consumption:
Automatic power down and automatic wake up, smart power management;

Connector: 18 pin
current supply:3 V/3.3 V
Working temperature: 0°C to 55°C
storage temperature: −20°C to 65°C
Error Checking and Correcting
Easy plug-and-play.Compact and Durable

Compatible USB protocol: USB1.1 - USB 3.0
Operating Systems: Windows Vista/XP/2000/ME/98/95 and Mac OS 8.6 and above.
Data Retention:10 years minimum.
Lifetime Limited Warranty: 1 year warranty.

Sample testing report 

Real and Usable Capacity Report
(2G XD Picture Card Series Memory Card as Sample ,Testing Under Common USB 2.0)

When you order the full Capacity memory card,you could find the exact capacity is also a little bit less than the advised capacity,   but it's Normal because Some of the listed capacity is used for formatting and other function and is not available for storage.

When your card is formatted , the functional storage space will be less than its unformatted capacity amount because a portion  of  the storage space from your card will be allocated to enable your computer or other digital devices to properly read and  write the data .

Windowns XP Report for 8G Memory Card. 

Error Scan Report by HD Tune Pro :
Wholesale XD Picture Card Series Memory Card ,OEM Customized ,Full Capacity and Fast Data Transfer Speed ,Reliable Wholesale Bulkorder Supplier
Full Formatting of One Fake Card with Error. Windows Dos Command.
A full format does more writing to the card than a quick format. If the format fails, if you get errors, you are likely to get a fake  one.

Wholesale XD Picture Card Series Memory Card ,OEM Customized ,Full Capacity and Fast Data Transfer Speed ,Reliable Wholesale Bulkorder Supplier 

installation and setup

Instant Plug and plug,Easy Operation for Any New Customer.

Our Customer Benefit

We have been the Devoted and Professinal Multi Function Electronic Patch Manufactuer & Supplier Since 2002.

Discount Testing of Any Newer Version Especially Offered for All Regular Customers.Life-Time Free

Technical Support and Advisory for All Regular Customers.

Free Notification with Any Software and Hardware Updating for All Regular Customers

quality and service warrant

One Year Quality Warranty for all of products .and after one year,we will be glad to provide any possible customer support yet for all of our clients. if you have any problem or concern about our products,please don't hesitate to let us know.

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