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unlock card for apple iphone 4
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The Q-SIM High-Quality Unlock Adapter for Apple Iphone 4.

From the Genuine and Professional Mobile-phone Accessory Manufacturer of Q-SIM series from 2002 !

Best Quality and Compatibility IC inside .No More Any other Fake or Troublesome Unlock card from the market.

brief instruction

We have the confidence our Q-Sim Unlock card is the Most Stable and Compatible unlocking card for Apple iphone 4 (no matter call or network) after Many reseller's feedbacks .Best Quality and Compatibility IC inside, We sell with competitive price.

Beware many sellers selling cheap or expensive unlock cards for iphone 4 that doesn't need cutting or dialling 112. But usually they are not stable,with poor quality ic inside. We sincerely Recommend Do not Waste your time & money to try!

From our record of so many customer's feedbacks,it Supports almost all of 2G/3G network Sim Cards.Don't care the country you are from,Unlock All networks & Countries Worldwide.

Package includes:

1 x Specially-designed sim tray for iphone 4
1 x Q-Sim Unlock Card

product details

unlock card for apple iphone 4


Easy Operation for First user (Plug and Play )! Automatic Network Detection without 112 dialing every time.

No need to Jailbreak,No need touse any Cable Or load any kind of Software from your iphone.

Supports Latest Iphone 4 OS(operation system):4.1 4.2 4.3 4.3.1 4.3.2 4.3.3
and all baseband Baseband 1.59, 2.10, 3.10.1, 4.10, 4.10.1.

Each time you need to reboot iphone4, the phone will find the singal automatically,all network will also works well.

installation and setup

Very Easy to install even for first time user.with detailed English instrunction included.
Easy Operation for First user (Plug and Play ).You just need to dial 112 for the first time.

please install exactly as the easy instruction below.and if you find any problem,please setp back to 1 and process again.

(1) Open your Jailbroken iphone4, go to Setting->General->Network->Close 3G(important). and please also open the date roaming and open the cellular data.

(2) Power off your iphone 4(important),insert the Q-sim with micro sim together. A small cut to the top right portion of the micro sim is required if you have not done so.

(3) Power on your iphone 4 now, About 10 seconds after signal column shows,you can call 112 now. Then hang up this 112 call within 3 seconds.

(4) Now go to Setting to open plane mode,you will see the message"no sim insert" ,just press ok .and then Close the plane mode
to seek the signal until you find the successful mobile network ! its done . :-)
notice: if you need to use the 3G network,just go to the setting to open the 3G.

Each time you need to reboot iphone4, the phone will find the singal automatically,all network will also works well.

unlock card for apple iphone 4

quality and service warrant

usually we provide six months quality warranty for all of products .if you have any problem or concern about our products,please don't hesitate to let us know. and after six months,we will be glad to provide any possible customer support yet ! we believe all of our customers are the respectable friends ! it's our responsibity to provide any possible help to all customers,no matter you are new or stable ,no matter your order is less or more. Guaranteed Seriously the Best Quality and Most Compatible over the Whole market.

how to order and payment

For bulk order,please contact us to request Quotation.

For Little amount order as Samples,Instant order via paypal ,One piece of sample is US$ 14 including shipping cost(registered airmail service to worldwide area with tracking number ) .You could also choose order 1-3 pieces during paypal ordering process and your paypal payment already includes the shipping cost.

We also list our product on ebay .it's same to order directly from our website or from you prefer to order via ebay auction,please click the link from here,our ebay id is lovetrust1900.

Direct Order Instruction: You could place order right away (without registration of our membership) for 1 piece as your first samples and we will ship to your verified address from paypal transfer receipt within one work day upon your payment is received.You will get the tracking number the same day when it's on the way. if you get any advice or concern,please don't hesitate to contact us .

we could accept all kind of security payment methods.and we sincerely recommend all customers to pay through paypal security system for safety.

when your purchase is placed, we will also email you the login information on our site:
you could login and check your order's processing status and package's shipping status from our website's member area.

if you need more quantity or any other problem regarding order and payment,please let us know.
shipping instruction

we stick to very marginal profits on ebay auction and exact shipping cost,the main purpose for our ebay listing is just sample demonstration to new customers. if you have any further advice regarding our products or ebay listing,please also don't hesitate to let us know,your message is always welcome.

and please notice we don't ship to Germany for all dual sim card adapter related products upon the requests from Germany Franchise rights owner,and Nigeria in Africa.thanks.

of course, you could order more amount for combined shipping to save your cost.

By default,We would Mail Your Package through Registered Airmail Through post office to Worldwide Area with Tracking numberer. or by fast express courier upon your request.please let us know your option . 

our shipping receipts by registered airmail service
our shipping receipts by express courier service

about us

We are from Gu Su Xin Chen Elec Co. Ltd. Since 2002,Bulk Supply Mini and Portable Electronics Gadgets Toys and especially Dual Sim Accessory Series for Mobile phones based on Quality and lowest wholesale price .
We value every customer.Sincerely Look forward to Set up long time cooperation with you from this good beginning.

Gu Su Xin Chen Elec Ltd authorized business license

contact us
if you get any problem about products ,price ,amount ,shipping fee etc,please don't hesitate to Let us know.

if you get any problem regarding price and amount ,shipping fee etc,please don't hesitate to contact us by our Secure Contact Form

OR contact us online by Windows Live(MSN) Messenger

Gu Su Xin Chen Elec Ltd.

more notice

We have been the manufacturer and Designer of Universal Dual Sim Card Adapter and Unlock Card(including newest Iphone 3G series and general mobile phones since 2002.We sincerely believe our products have been the leader tech based on lowest wholesale price and serious customer support.

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