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Genuine Q-Series Triple Simcard Adapter for Apple Iphone 4/4s.gsm and wcdma

brief instruction

Type: BW-MGL-4

Genuine Q-Series Three Sim Card Adapter for Apple Iphone 4/4s ,Comes with Super Slim Black Protective Case.

Unique Design ! Let your IPHONE 4/4s Get Three Call Numbers for your Free Choice Conveniently and Easily without power on or off to change sim card!,you get Three sim cards(one original Micro sim and another two Sim card)installed in your iphone 4/4s at the same time and switch freely on the fly.

Very simple operation, Easy Plug & Play to Let your iphone 4/4s get Three SIM Cards available in single one mobile phone. The adapter connects your current iPhone's Micro SIM with another two normal size SIM cards.

Three numbers will be displayed on your iphone screen by embeded application.You can Choose Which number to use from that embeded menu or Let Three Numbers Switch Automatically by Setting up Auto-Switching time from that menu. you can edit display name of each SIM card for your convenience.

and a Black and Super-Slim Protective Case to give you the extra room in the back of Iphone to hold this adapter.The Case Perfectly fits iPhone 4/4s without slipping. Slim design adds no extra room-Fits perfectly in your pocket.

Genuine Q-Series Triple Simcard Adapter for Apple Iphone 4/4s.gsm and wcdma

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Patents Rights
Please Notice this is the Genuine Q-Series Dual Adapter Product released from Patient Owner,Not the Common Fake products easily found in the market.

Dual Sim Patient Number: 200510121059.7

(from some customer's reports,we have noticed Now there have been quite a few sellers selling the fake Q-Sim and Magicsim series dual sim adapter Series in the market with even cheaper price,usually the same packing or the OEM packing without logo,the fake parts use the poor-quality IC inside and many with incompatibility problem,We sincerely recommend all customers to pay attention before your doesnt worth to cost energy and time to try.and we don't take the responsibility of any countfeit Q-sim Series Product which is not from us).

Comparison of Genuine Dual Sim and Fake&Copy Version (More Tips...)
How to Spot Fake Copy Counterfeit Dual Sim Card Adapter from Genuine Version.From Gu Su Xin Chen Electronic
(Click for Bigger Pic)

product details

Genuine Q-Series Triple Simcard Adapter for Apple Iphone 4/4s.gsm and wcdma

Three sim card adapter for iphone 4


three sim card holder for iphone 4

Three Sim Card Adapter Supports:Apple Iphone 4/4s

Universal GSM and 3G(WCDMA UTMS) network.

Note:No Jailbreak required. Any firmware version installed supported as long as your Iphone 4/4s could use the original Sim card if one sim card could be used in your iphone normally,then it should be ok with our dual(Triple) sim adapter.but if your iphone doesn't support that sim card ,you may have to unlock your iphone.

installation and setup

Very easy to operate even for first user.

This Triple(Three) SIM Card Adapter comes with a Back Case Cover to allows your Apple iPhone 4/4s with two SIM cards inserted.

The cable adapter connects the micro-Sim card (the first sim) to the next Two Sim cards adapter(the second sim).

and you will find A very simple STK menu, you can use any of the 3 numbers to make call at any time.

More Guide and instruction included in the pack.