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as usual,very friend,I still need more unlocker this time...

from one of our clients.

This is the GENUINE Luxury Version of I-Smartphone Unlocking Card for universal mobile phones,With Best Quality IC Inside and Material ,Most Compatibility with Univeral mobile phones.

Two types for your Choice:

Cutting Version,just use the common scissor to cut a small corner from the sim card easily ,just plastic corner
of your simcard ,this will never hurt your sim card)

Genuine i-smartphone Luxury version of Unlockingc card for Universal Mobile Phones

Non-Cutting Version: Just paste,without any cut to your original sim card,more convenient.
Genuine i-smartphone Luxury version of Unlockingc card for Universal Mobile Phones

Please notice since 2009 there have been a lot of fake ones around in the market,and usually packed as same logo or familiar name of i-smartphone,and selling with very cheap price even less than $3-$5.We don't recommend to waste time and energy to try.We don't take any responsibility for the possible damages or problems caused by the countfeit version.Thanks for your understanding.

If your mobile phone has been Locked(Limited) to only One carrier ? You don't hope to take trouble to Modify the hardware or firmware(software) and void the warranty from original Carrier. You don't hope to waste time and energy,Money to purchase another one brand new phone.

Now This is The most convenient and easiest Solution .

Cutting or Non-Cutting Version of Unlocking Card for Universal Mobile phones (Supports at least 1800 worldwide mobile phones,Support almost all of worldwide GSM(2g) including 3g(WCDMA) network sim card.

It's a Must-have Accessory for your mobile phone which is locked to any certain carrier! You don't need to purchase another mobile phone for another kind of Carrier,Don't need to void the warranty from original Carrier.

it's just a slim-shape Film Paste,could fit into almost all of the Universal GSM mobile phones(includes 3g network).

So easy to operate even for first new user,paste the unlock card with your sim card and insert the combined into your mobile phone's slot socket.Now You are granted the brand new access to another Mobile Carrier's Network now,with stable signals.

This unlocking card doesn't modify or infulence your phone's firmware(software) or hardware,when the unlocking card is removed,your phone comes back to the locked state again.

Product details

it support almost all of Worldwide Univesal GSM network simcard including 3g(WCDMA)network simcard,without region limitation.

From practical test combined with some customer's reports before ,it should be able to support over 1800 worldwide mobile phones Models(Maybe more unlisted newer model also supported).we listed some tested mobile Models as below,Just for your reference.

We can guanrantee this unlock card is Genuine product with the Best quality IC inside and most Compatibility for General Mobile phones.But To be Cautious and Honest,we can't 100% guarantee the definite compatibilty with all of the current Mobile phone Models and Network,Thanks for your understanding.

The Reliable-Quality IC inside and Material to get the Best Compatibility Rate,Just to be Cautious,We can't guarantee the 100% compatibility with All of the current mobile phones and related network.If you get any problem or advice,please don't worry and let us know.your message is always welcome.

Important note: apple iphone series phone is not supported,please refer to our other ebay listing of Q-Sim unlocking card for Iphone 4.

Non-Cutting Version:
Genuine i-smartphone Luxury version of Unlockingc card for Universal Mobile Phones

Cutting Version:

Genuine i-smartphone Luxury version of Unlockingc card for Universal Mobile Phones

setup and installtion

Very easy to operate even for first user.

Cutting Version Instruction:

Genuine i-smartphone Luxury version of Unlockingc card for Universal Mobile Phones

Installation Instruction for Cutting version of unlocking card

Just use a common scissor to cut a small part of corner from your Sim card ,the cutted corner is the same size as the chip on the i-Smart Sim card. please don't worry,this cutted part is just the plastic area and will never damage the simcard's chip as it contains no needed IC components. Your sim card will still work Perfectly in any other phones without using this i-Smartphone sim card.

Installation Instruction for Cutting version of unlocking card

Non-Cutting Version Instruction:

Genuine i-smartphone Luxury version of Unlockingc card for Universal Mobile Phones

More instruction for Non-cutting Version:

We call it Plug & Play, You don't need to cut the sim card.No Any Complicated Technical Knowledge required.Very easy to operate even for first new user,Just paste it with your original sim card and insert the combined into your mobile phone's slot socket.You will be connected to a brand new network now.

(Outdated Support-Model Datebase in 2009 from previous test and feedbacks,just for your reference. maybe more newer model (not listed) also supported.We can guanrantee this unlock card is with the Best quality IC inside and most Compatibility for General Mobile phones.But To be Cautious and Honest,we can't 100% guarantee the definite compatibilty with all of the current Mobile phone Models and Network,Thanks for your understanding. )

i640, T439, D780, L320, T429, F110, L310, T409, G400, Soul L170, T739 Katalyst, U900, Soul T819, T729 Blast, F480, F490, T539 Beat G810, Z630, B110, D880 Duos, G600, P960, i780, M610, i200, i560, M600, F400, i550, M110, X150, E420, F600, J600, D600E, A411, X480, SAMP910, SPH-i325 Ace, T509, M620, SC707, C450, X640, V700, F900, J400, E370, L760, J700, F330, B500, J630, F250, B100,J210, L770, J610, J200, E251, G800 ,L600, B200, Serenata,P260, L760, A746, J400, F700,A727, J750, E950, A717, A737, F Skyworks and Old Models, A117, T639 SWIFT Platform, SYSOL Platform Trident/AGERE Platform QUALCOMM Models (3G),i450, S730i, J150, Armani S720i, A517, F200, A127, T819 VLSI, 210, A437, Conexant......

P3350, Touch Cruise HTC P3400, Touch, P4350, P3600, TyTN II, P3300, S630, S620, Touch S310, P6300, HTC TyTN, Touch Diamond, HTC Shift, HTC MTeoR,Advantage X7500, Advantage X7510, S710, P3470,P6500, P3600i, S730......

K630 K550im K770 V640 T303 X1 Z250 G900 P1 K300 Z310 K310 K508 K850 K550 Z320 XPERIA K618 G700 T650 W980 S500 C902 Supported - T250 C702 Z750 Z770 W580K750 W900 W850 W580 Z610 W810 W910 W960 K770 S500 J220 P990 J100 P1 T610 P960 T230 V630 V600 R306 Radio K810 R300 W910 G502 K530 Z780 W760 K550 Z555 K700 K510 K800 K770 K810 K220 W350 K205 W890 K200 K660 J120 W380 J110 W888 K850 W960 T280 W660 T270 W880 W660 Radio W610 SEW200i ......

W490 RIZR Z3 Z6c W395 KRZR K1 W181 W380 W375 RIZR Z8 MOTOFONE F3 U9 KRZR K3 W220 RIZR Z10 SLVR L9 V195 ROKR E8 Q 9h V191 W377 Q 8 V3i W180 W215 ROKR E1 W160 W205 A910 V1100 ROKR Z6 A1200 PEBL U3 ROKR E6 A728 Sidekick Slide SLVR L7e A732 RAZR2 V9 RAZR maxx V6 E895 Z9 RAZR2 V8 RAZR V3xx Z6w W161 W360 W209 W270 W218 W208 W230 ROKR E2 W213 W510 RAZR ......

7130c, Pearl 8110, 7130v, Curve 8310, 8810, 8300, 8820, 7100v, 8830 World Edition, 7290, 7100x, Curve 8300, 7100t, 8800, 7730, 7230, 6230, 8700f, 7130g, Bold, 9000, 6720 ,8120, 8707v, Curve 8320 Supported- 8700c......

P526, V80, V88i, M307, J502, M303, V66, J501, V75, Z801, P505, M530w, M310, P527, P525, P750, P535, P550, V55, P735, Z810, M930, P320......

N6110n, 3120 classic, 6267, N95 8gb, 7900 , Crystal Prism 2760, N1600, 2600 , classic 2660, 5310, 1209, 1650, 6120c, 3110 Evolve 208, N76, 6110, 2310, E90, 5610, 6125, 6500C, 6151, 1600, 6500S, 2630, 1208, 3500Cd, N82, 1200, 6600 slide 8800, classic 3600 , slide 8800 , Arte 6121 , classic 5500, 6233,E70, E51, N73, N93I, 6234, 6230, 7370, 7390, 6136, 7373,6310I, 5320 , XpressMusic 6301, 5700, 5220, XpressMusic E51, 5070, 6212, classic E51, camera-free E90, 5000, 6263, E65, 7070, Prism N81 8GB, N1600, 6650 T-Mobile 3500 classic, N6500s, 3555, 2630, E61i, 2680, slide N81, N77, 1680 , classic N95 8GB, 6110, Navigator 6300i, E61, N70, N93, E65, E60,5310, 3109, classic N78, 6555 , All DCT4 6220, classic 7900, Prism All DCT4+, 6210 Navigator 7500 , Prism All BB5, Sapphire Arte 6120 , 6124 classic 8600 Luna A35 6500 classic 6500 slide ,5610, 3110, classic N96......

Treo 650, Treo 750, Treo 600, Treo 750v, Treo 500v, Treo 680, Treo 270, Treo 180

KF600, KP100, CU515, KF750, Secret KU380, CU500V, CU915 Vu U960 CE110, KF700, KG290, KT610, KU990, Viewty KE800, KP320, KE990 Viewty, KE820, KT520, KE500, KU800, KM710, KG280, U830, KF310, KG275, L343i,KU250, KF510, KS20, KE260, KF300, U900, KP235, KU950, LGU310, KP220, KU580 All LG2G, KM500, KE850, Prada All LG3G, KM330, KE970, Shine All LG3G with 2G card, KG375, KU970 Shine, KE770 Shine, CU720 Shine ,KS10, LGU890, KP210, KU311, LGKU580, KP130 Trax CU575, Lobster 445, 544, 320, 485......

i-mate JASJAR i- mate Smartphone2, i-mate SP5, i-mate K-JAM i-mate Smartphone,PDAL i-mate SP4m, JAMA 201, JAQ3 i-mate JAM Black, JAMA 101, i-mate SPL i-mate JAM, i-mate JAMA, i-mate JAQ, i-mate PDA2, i-mate Ultimate 9150, i-mate PDA2k,Ultimate 8502, i-mate Ultimate 815, i-mate SPJAS,i-mate SP3i, i-mate Ultimate, JAQ4 i-mate SP5m, i-mate Ultimate 7150, i-mate Smartflip, i-mate SP3, i-mate Ultimate 6150, i-mate JAMin i-mate Pocket PC, i-mate Ultimate 5150,i-mate JASJAM......

M600 Xenium9@9m, Xenium9@9v, Xenium9@9r, 192 Xenium9@9h, 191 292, Xenium9@9j 290, 692, 580, 699 Dual SIM S890,892 S660, 399 180, 390 Xenium9@9s,X800 Xenium9@9w, Xenium9@9z 680, Xenium9@9k S900,Xenium9@9u, Xenium9@9g, 392 Xenium9@9f......

N923, e373, N160, N100, N200, e540/N411i, N342i, N600i, 802, e949/L1, N750, e122, N840, e121, N850, e353, N630, N938, N109, N900iG, N110, N343i, e101, N401i, N500, N930, N908, N940, N500iS, N500i, e636,F1 Renault , e238, 804N, , N150, e1108......

Orbit II, Terra X2i, Argon X7, Star, phone Cocoon, Xphone IIm, Flame X1b, Atom Life XM, Zinc X4, Graphite , II mini, Orbit, IIs Cosmo, IIi, Stealth Xphone II, Orion, Comet, Exec, Nova , mini S, Jet X3, XDA Stellar , Atom, Ice X2, Atom Exec X1i, Trion, II, Neo, Xphone XDA......

G500, PG-6100,PG-8000, PG-3600, GB200, PG-3600V, GB300,PG-1900, GI100, PG-3900, G670, PG-1300, GF100, PG-1200, G300, G700, PG-6200, G800, PG-1400, PG3000, PG-1600, PG-1800, Pantech G200, GF500, PU- 5000, PG-1000s, PG-330, PG-3200, U-4000, PG-2800, GF200, G600, PG-1500, G900, PG-3500, GB100......

Alcatel Model
OT-E220, OT-C651, OT-S319, E101 (New firmware) ,OT-E805, OT-E259, OT-S218, OT-E230, OT-E256, OT-S210, OT-C635, OT-E257, OT-S120, OT-C630, OT-E160, OT-S107, OT-E801, OT-E252, OT-C701,OT-E260,OT-C551, OT-S920, OT- E101, Mandarina Duck,OT-C507,OT-C750,OT-E201, OT-C656,ELLE No 3, OT-E100, OT-E159, OT-C825, OT-C550, OT-E158, OT-C717, OT-E265, OT-E157, OT-C707, OT-E105
OT-SPORT,OT-E227,OT-S853, OT-PRO, OT-E225, OT-S850, OT-V770,OT-E221, OT-C560, OT-V670, OT- E207, OT-C555, OT-V270, OT-E205, OT-C552, OT-V212, OT-S520, Lollipops, OT-C652, OT-S621......
2020 9600 S100 8600 9090 8500 8020 S200 2020i 8310 8300 8080 9100 90001010 S110 7070 8060 8100 8010 ......

my600V VS4 my855c my511X VS3 my750x my501X VS2 my721x my519x my411X MY V-76 my521x myMobileTV my421x my401C MY C2-3 my411c my400V myZ-5 my312x my400X MY C5-3 my234x my302X MY C3-2 my231x W8 my700X my101X Roland Garros my600Xmy301X MY Z-55 my230x my300X MY X6-2 my220x my405X MY V-56 my419x my401X myW-7 my429x my401Z my300C MY X2-2 my901C my501C VS1 my721z my500X MY V-85 my215x MY C5-2 my900C my210x MY X1-2 my850C my200x MY X-8 my800X my200C MY X-4 my150X my100X myMobileTV 2 ......

Panasonic GD90, A500, X300, GD75, X400, GD95, GD93, X200, GD35, X700, GD87, A210, G60, SC3, X70,G600, GD70, A200, SA6, Z800, GD55, X800, P341i, GD30, A100 Series,G50, X66, SA7, X88, MX6, G51, MX7, G70, VS2, X11, X500, GD67, GD92, X100, VS3, X68/X77, VS6, VS7......

SX862, 902, GX34, 802, GX33, TM200, 705SH, S harp GX25, GX17, 880SH, 904, TM150, 770SH,V801SH, GX29, 703, GX22, GX10, GX20, GX10i,GX30, 903, GX15, GX18, GX40, TM100, 550SH......

TS808, G500, 705T, G900, 903T,TS10, TS32, TS803, TX80, T oshiba G450, G910, TS605, TS921, 904T, G710, TX62, TS608, G810, TS705......

ZTE 226 228 A61 227 A62 ......

HuaWei C2800 C2606 MT810 T7200 T2000C2860 T868 T570 120......

A58 EF81 E61 SL91 C81 M81 EF51 EF61E81 S68 A38 S88 AL26 CF61 S81 E71 EF91 SL80 C32 P51 E52 EF71 SF71 CL71 C31 EL71......

P300 glofiish X800 M500 glofiish Eten P700 glofiish X500 glofiish M810 X500+ M600 glofiish X600 G500 glofiish M800 M600+ glofiish X650 G500+ M550 glofiish M750 M700 P300B glofiish......

Ipaq hw6915, Ipaq h6315, Ipaq rw6818, Ipaq h6320, Ipaq 610c, Ipaq hw6910, Ipaq 910c,Ipaq h6325, HP Ipaq h6310, Ipaq rw6828, Ipaq rw6815, Ipaq hw6510, Ipaq hw6515, Ipaq 514......

Japan Phones
ZHONGXING P905I F150 709SC 920SH 922SH 705PX V911T F851 920SC F850 V910P SH905I D906I C550 V811T V812T 920T P906I SH906I F906I F256 V820P F181 920P V70T L600I L602I D905I F905I SO905I SO905ICS N906I D906I 707SC 708SC......

(Above is Outdated Support-Model Datebase in 2009 from previous test and feedbacks,just for your reference.More newer supported model not listed.if you get any incompatibility problem,please let us know.)

Quality Service Warant

usually we provide six months quality warranty for all of products .if you have any problem or concern about our products,please don't hesitate to let us know. and after six months,we will be glad to provide any possible customer support yet ! we believe all of our customers are the respectable friends ! it's our responsibity to provide any possible help to all customers,no matter you are new or stable ,no matter your order is less or more. Guaranteed Seriously the Best Quality and Most Compatible over the Whole market.

how to order and pay

For bulk order,please contact us to request Quotation.

For Little amount order as Samples, You could order from our online shop , We also list our product on's same to order directly from our online shop or from you prefer to order via ebay auction,please click the link from here,our ebay id is lovetrust1900.

we could accept all kind of security payment methods.and we sincerely recommend all customers to pay through paypal security system for safety.

when your purchase is placed, we will also email you the login information on our site:
you could login and check your order's processing status and package's shipping status from our website's member area.

if you need more quantity or any other problem regarding order and payment,please let us know.

shipping instruction

please notice we don't ship to Germany for all dual sim card adapter related products upon the requests from Germany Franchise rights owner,and Nigeria in Africa.thanks.

of course, you could order more amount for combined shipping to save your cost.

by default,for small amount of sample we would use The Registered Airmail Through post office to Worldwide Area with Tracking numberer. or by fast express courier for bulk order upon your request.please let us know your option . 

registered mail receipts sample of us
registered mail receipts sample of us
registered mail receipts sample of us
registered express courier receipts sample of us

about us

We are from Gu Su Xin Chen Electronic Corp. Ltd. Since 2002,Bulk Supply Mini and Portable Electronics Gadgets Toys and especially Dual Sim Accessory Series for Mobile phones based on Quality and lowest wholesale price .
We value every customer.Sincerely Look forward to Set up long time cooperation with you from this good beginning.

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more notice

We have been the manufacturer and Designer of Universal Dual Sim Card Adapter and Unlock Card(including newest Iphone 3G series and general mobile phones since 2002.We sincerely believe our products have been the leader tech based on lowest wholesale price and serious customer support.